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Happily providing a loving, heathy, and educational environment for children of all ages to help guide them as they make increasing sense of their world, all while having a lot of fun doing it...
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CPR & First Aid Certified  •  (2) Early Childhood Education Degrees  •  20+ Years Experience  •  Award Winning Teacher
Arts & Crafts
Developing imaginations in children that come to life through the use of various art projects is a great outlet for their natural creativity...
Healthy Food
Maintaining a balance of proper nutrition through consistently healthy meals essential for development presented in a fun way with delicious snacks that kids will actually eat...
Fun Learning
Direct interaction is the key to fast learning when implemented through games, challenges, and inquisitive questions that stimulate children to think "outside of the box" on ways to solve problems while learning something new...
Play Time
Having time to "just be a kid" is crucial for children to release some of that endless energy they are full of, so each day allows plenty of chances to simply let loose with "unstructured" ways to have a good time (safely)...
About Teacher Jenny
Jennifer Farley
Loving Childcare Specialist
"Children Are A Special Gift..."
Hi there. I'm "Teacher Jenny"! I've been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to work with thousands of great kids over the past 15 + years, and have held nearly every position in the child care industry from "basic babysitter" to "Lead Supervisor of Classroom Operations" at a federally funded Early Childhood Education facility.
After taking the last 5 years off to be a stay at home mom with my 2 wonderful children, they have now grown up quite a bit so I have decided to once again pursue my passion of providing high quality education and daily care for children in my local community.
I'm very excited to interact with and build positive relationships with new children to help them develop their knowledge and skills to instill a life long love of learning.  

I love seeing the world through a child's lens and celebrating all their accomplishments with them as they master important milestones to pursue their strengths & interests...
Mission Statement & Philosphy
A child's work is their play and they learn best in stimulating environments where they are allowed to make choices, and feel confident enough to take risks. I want to provide children with high quality interactions and explorations so they may become active thinkers and successful learners...  
Associate Of Applied Science
Specializing In Early Childhood Education
I receive both of my Associate Degrees from Great Basin College with 130+ credits. The first degree was earned with an emphasis in Infant/Toddler development, and the second with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education...
CPR/First Aid
Annually Renewed For Past 20+ Years
I've renewed this annual certification more than any other over the past 20+ years. I've done it so many times that I could probably even pass this test in my sleep...
Proud Mom
Ashton & Kennedy
Ashton (left - 14) and Kennedy (right - 8) are my 2 incredible children which I am blessed to be at home with every single day to watch them grow up into healthy young adults...
Program Details
Check out this additional information about what my personal child care program offers...
Hours Of Availability
Each child's schedule is customized to your specific needs... (Monday - Friday)
Full Time = 40+ hours/wk.
Positions Open Now = 2 of 2
1st Drop Off Time = 6:30am
Last Pick Up Time = 5:30pm
Positions Open Now = 2 of 2
1st Drop Off Time = 6:30am
Last Pick Up Time = 6:00pm
Part Time = >40 hours/wk.
Positions Open Now = 2 of 2
1st Drop Off Time = 6:30am
Last Pick Up Time = 5:30pm
Positions Open Now = 2 of 2
1st Drop Off Time = 6:30am
Last Pick Up Time = 6:00pm
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Pricing & Meals
Hourly cost for care of 1st child & meals for each child... (Discount for Full Time attending siblings)
 Full Time = 40+ hours/wk.
 Ages 0-2 years = $5/hr.
 Ages 2+ years = $4/hr.
 Lunch + 2 Snacks Provided
 Ages 0-2 years = $5/hr.
 Ages 2+ years = $4/hr.
 Lunch + 2 Snacks Provided
Part Time = >40 hours/wk.
 Ages 0-2 years = $5.50/hr.
 Ages 2+ years = $4.50/hr.
 Lunch + 1 Snack Provided
 Ages 0-2 years = $5.50/hr.
 Ages 2+ years = $4.50/hr.
 Lunch + 1 Snack Provided
Weekly Activities List
Various learning & engagement opportunities...
 Arts  & Crafts
 Active & Dramatic Play
 Story Time
 Outdoor & Movement
 Arts  & Crafts
Character Mask Creation
 Fluffy Slime
 Beads & Lacing
 Much More...
 Active & Dramatic Play
Dress Up Play
Sensory Tables
 Pretend Cooking
 Music & Movement
 blocks & legos
 Much More...
 Story Time
Pop-Up Books
Nursery Rhymes
Small Group Discussions
 Charts & Graphing
Letters & Numbers
Problem Solving & Science Experiments
 Much More...
 Outdoor & Movement
Organized Group Games
Water Play
 Much More...
My Home Child Care Environment
Clean, safe, comfortable, & engaging spaces for everyday play...
Cubby Corner
Click Image To Enlarge
 Outdoor Space
Click Image To Enlarge
 Adventure Area
Click Image To Enlarge
Limited Positions Allow For The Best Results With Your Child
I only offer child care for a select few children at a time to ensure that every child is able to receive the best version of myself and the environment they are in. Small groups keep everything controlled and organized, while still providing enough other kids to engage with during each event and project through the day...
Each Child's Growth Journey Requires Consistent Nurturing....
 Daily Connection
Directly greeting your child each day with a smile & a hug (or handshake), consistently reaffirming their personal value based on who they are by providing uplifting & positive compliments, and creating a great relationship with your child on an emotional level is the best way for me to help them learn and grow confidently.

These strong bonds are paramount in generating trust between myself and each child in order to have the highest quality interactions on a daily basis...
 Positive Environment
Maintaining a "feel good" area & home surrounding your children is very important to me in allowing them the chance to be themselves, while still keeping an orderly environment that creates a general sense of comfort and security.

Offering multiple places around my home to conduct experiments, create a masterpiece, dress up & pretend, or just relax for a few minutes is the cornerstone to separating each activity type from the other to avoid the dreaded "Boredom Blues"...
Kids learn best when they are having fun, and it doesn't "feel" like learning!

Combining education with entertainment is the simplest and most effective method to introducing children to a new skill or piece of knowledge without any negative pushback from them about "not wanting to learn".

Being personally involved in each of these learning moments with children helps them focus 100% of their attention on whatever activity is currently happening which allows them to get the most out of each day...
Alee Gilbert
My kids never wanted to leave. Every day when I would come to get them, they begged to stay a bit longer to finish their project or complete the last round of their game. They love it with Jenny...
Heather Ford
Jenn's one of the sweetest people I know, and she definitely knows more about child care than anyone else I've ever met. I would totally recommend her as a care giver to anyone's children..
Jessica Sproul
Jennifer was the model employee. As her boss of more than 10+ years, she was a shining example of dedication, caring spirit, and "on the spot problem solver" every employer dreams of...
Julie Monson
Jenny was my boss for a number of years, and was always there to support me to learn & grow as a person & employee, as well as being an all around great person to be around every day...
Heather Sorensen
Jenn is the only person I would let watch my kids. She has the education, experience, and genuine love for children that makes kids attract to her like a magnet...
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Kids Love Teacher Jenny's Playland...

Having a local, safe, fun, and enriching place for kids to learn & thrive on a daily basis is one of the most important factors for my own children's personal growth, and I'm sure you feel the exact same way about your kids...
Investing in your child is their best opportunity for success!
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